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TOWN OF WESTLAKE <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 820 <br /> AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF WESTLAKE AMENDING CHAPTER 62, <br /> PLANNING ADDING ARTICLE III, IMPLEMENTATION OF THE COMPREHENSIVE <br /> PLAN; PROVIDING A PENALTY; PROVIDING A SAVINGS CLAUSE; AND <br /> DECLARING AN EFFECTIVE DATE. <br /> WHEREAS,the Town of Westlake is a general law Town; and <br /> WHEREAS,on March 2, 2015,the Town Council adopted a Comprehensive Plan(the <br /> Forging Westlake 2015 Comprehensive Plan);and <br /> WHEREAS,the Forging Westlake 2015 Comprehensive Plan includes an Implementation <br /> Plan Element that was not adopted in 2015; and <br /> WHEREAS,the Implementation Element specifies policies, standards,and procedures <br /> related to the review and approval of zoning requests,development proposals, development plans, <br /> and construction permit plans; and <br /> WHEREAS,the rapid pace of incoming development that the Town is now experiencing <br /> makes it necessary to clearly state these policies and how they will be applied to Town growth <br /> going forward;and <br /> WHEREAS,the need to manage growth for the health and wellbeing of the citizens of <br /> Westlake makes adoption of the policies, standards,and procedures stated in the Forging <br /> Westlake 2015 Comprehensive Plan Implementation Plan Element important at this stage of <br /> Town development;and <br /> WHEREAS,the economic development and general planning of the Town will be <br /> furthered by establishment of these policies, standards,and procedures; and <br /> WHEREAS,upon recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission,the Town <br /> Council of the Town of Westlake,Texas is of the opinion that it is in the best interests of the town <br /> and its citizens that this amendment to the Town's Code of Ordinances should be approved and <br /> adopted;and <br /> WHEREAS,the Council believes it is in the interests of the Town,present and future <br /> residents and citizens of the Town,and developers of land within the Town are best served by <br /> adopting this Ordinance' which the Council has determined to be consistent with the Forging <br /> Westlake 2015 Comprehensive Plan and the intent of its various other plan elements; and <br /> Ordinance 820 <br /> Page I of 17 <br />